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Gemcom Software was acquired by Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, in July 2012. It is now known as GEOVIA.


Rick Moignard, MBA
President and Chief Executive Officer

Since joining GEOVIA (formerly Gemcom Software) in 2002, Rick Moignard has leveraged his management experience to expand the Company’s product offerings and global reach, increasing revenues more than tenfold. Under his leadership, GEOVIA has become the largest global provider of mining software solutions used in over 4000 sites, in more than 130 countries. As CEO, Mr. Moignard is focussed on developing and building Dassault Systèmes’ GEOVIA brand of products and delivering solutions for the Natural Resources industry, today focused on the Mining sector, but over time moving into Water, Oil & Gas and beyond.

Mr. Moignard oversaw the growth of the company through the successful acquisition of the Surpac Minex Group in 2006 for a combined revenue increase of 50 percent the following year. In 2008, he successfully took the Company private through the sale to The Carlyle Group, JMI Equity and Pala Investments, allowing the Company to invest for long term growth. This resulted in an additional 40 percent revenue growth before he spearheaded the acquisition of Gemcom by Dassault Systèmes in 2012 to form the new brand, GEOVIA. In addition, in 2010 under Mr. Moignard’s guidance, the Services Initiative was launched, providing product-centric services to empower clients to not only embrace but also advance their software use.

Prior to joining GEOVIA, Mr. Moignard was CEO for Chancery Software Ltd., a company he grew from a small entrepreneurship into a world-class corporation offering enterprise student management solutions to educational institutions. In addition to his software-solutions background, Mr. Moignard has also been an Executive Vice President and CFO with Woodward’s Ltd. and an Executive Vice President and COO of TIE Telecom.

A Chartered Accountant, Mr. Moignard graduated with a BBA from Acadia University and an MBA from the University of Toronto.

Beverley Appelbaum, MM
Vice President Human Resources

Beverley Appelbaum is a veteran human resources professional with more than 25 years of experience working with multinational mining and technology companies. As Vice President of Human Resources, she is responsible for managing GEOVA’s HR strategic planning and management including global staff recruitment, retention and development initiatives.

Ms. Applebaum specialises in assessing and building leadership to manage current and future business requirements. She excels in working with organisations and individuals through periods of change and transition. Prior to joining GEOVIA, Ms. Appelbaum spent 19 years with De Beers Group in South Africa where she developed a new strategic direction and infrastructure for the De Beers Exploration Division. While a member of De Beers’ Technology Group, she created, designed and built human resources systems for research and development and production environments. Ms. Appelbaum has also worked as a consultant for Canada’s Placer Dome and Versity HR Solutions.

Ms. Appelbaum has a Masters in Management from the University of the Witwatersrand.

Steve Carter
Vice President Product Alignment

Steve Carter brings more than 10 years of practical mining experience and 25 years of software development experience to GEOVIA’s management team. As Vice President of Product Alignment, Mr. Carter is responsible for driving GEOVIA’s product innovation through the integration of new and existing technologies into and across the company’s product portfolio. His strategic planning ensures that all components function together from a common code base.

Mr. Carter possesses a unique blend of mining and software development expertise.  He began his career as a mine surveyor with Shell Coal. From there he moved to the Surpac Minex Group where he spent nearly two decades leading the Research and Development team. Upon the acquisition of Surpac Minex Group, by Gemcom Software (now GEOVIA), Mr. Carter took up the post of Vice President of Product Development where he led a global team of 80 software developers responsible for the development of all software products.

Mr. Carter is a Certified Mine Surveyor and holds an Associate Diploma of Computing from the University of Central Queensland.

Warren Johnstone
Vice President Global Services

Warren Johnstone brings over 20 years of mining industry experience to the management team at Dassault Systèmes GEOVIA. Having worked on projects around the world, Mr. Johnstone’s experience encompasses academic research, mineral exploration, mining operations, financial analysis, software and services. As Vice President of Services, Mr. Johnstone oversees GEOVIA’s strategic services programme. Under his leadership, clients enhance their software experience through product–centric services that address the geology, engineering and operational needs of mining companies. Mr. Johnstone previously ran Dassault Systèmes GEOVIA’s Africa business and was interirm leader of service operations in Europe, Australia and Chile.

Prior to joining Dassault Systèmes, Mr. Johnstone worked in the mining industry. He established a consulting firm in the UK, was technical advisor to private clients in the resources sector and worked as a mining analyst for Edison Investment Research. Mr. Johnstone is frequently invited to share his expertise at industry events and has published research in scientific journals and on global financial market platforms.

Mr. Johnstone has a Bachelor of Science from The University of the Witwatersrand and a Master of Science from The University of Cape Town.  

Marni Rabassó, PEng
Vice President Product Management

Marni Rabassó’s 26 years of experience in product management, marketing and engineering in the natural resources sector is a valuable asset to the GEOVIA Management team. As Vice President of Product Management, she oversees the ongoing expansion of GEOVIA’s products in the mining industry as well as into the expanded natural resource sectors. Leading an international team, Ms. Rabassó manages all aspects of product management from new product and feature evaluation to requirements analysis and the product messaging of a large suite of software applications.

Prior to joining GEOVIA, Ms. Rabassó held senior product management and marketing positions with WaterTrax, Absolute Software, RADSS Technologies, Merak Projects and AGL Petroleum. Throughout her career, she has been involved in the development and marketing of solutions for environmental data management, asset tracking, logistics optimisation and management, oil and gas economic evaluation, reservoir development and production. Ms. Rabassó began her career as a development engineer with Esso Resources.

Ms. Rabassó is a graduate of the University of British Columbia with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Cameron Reed, BSc
Vice President Corporate Development

A long-standing Executive with GEOVIA, Cameron Reed joined the company in 1993 and brings more than 25 years of geological and development leadership expertise to the management team. As the Vice President of Corporate Development, Mr. Reed ensures the company’s clients and the global exploration and mining industry have the right solutions required to maximise economic return and productivity. In addition, he is responsible for identifying other solutions to expand GEOVIA’s presence into other Natural Resource sectors beyond mining. Mr. Reed oversees all merger, acquisition and strategic partnership activities for GEOVIA.

Mr. Reed began his career as a mine and exploration geologist for Curragh Resources Inc. based in Canada’s Yukon Territory. Prior to joining GEOVIA, he was a Chief Geologist for Curragh responsible for all geological activities at their Faro, Grum and Vangorda underground and open pit mines.  Mr. Reed previously held the role of Vice President of North America Business Unit for Gemcom (now GEOVIA), where he expanded its market-leading position by delivering high-impact software and services.

Mr. Reed has Bachelor of Arts (Economics) and Bachelor of Science (Geology) degrees from the University of Western Ontario.

Eric Palmer, BBA, CMA
Vice President Water

Eric Palmer brings more than 20 years of executive leadership to the management team at GEOVIA. As Vice President of Water, he focusses on operating strategies that expand the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform to model and simulate the planet, and improve sustainability of the world’s largest natural resource. Up until 2014, Mr. Palmer was CFO and oversaw all global financial activities with extensive operational engagement, driving and supporting key strategic growth and profitability initiatives. Working closely with the CEO, Mr. Palmer launched many  programs that bolstered GEOVIA’s rapid growth.

Mr. Palmer began his career as a lecturer at Wilfred Laurier University, later moving on to work with KPMG and KPMG Management Consulting. From there, he became Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Finance with Mortice Kern Systems, a developer of software targeted at Global 1000 companies, before taking up post as CFO at Syndesis Limited, a provider of software and services to telecommunications companies. As Senior Vice President of Corporate Development with Aubex Azure Limited, a developer and marketer of software employed by telecommunications carriers, Mr. Palmer oversaw all Mergers and Acquisitions. Prior to GEOVIA, Mr. Palmer was the Chief Financial Officer with Nu Flow, a water technologies solution company, focussed on providing green alternatives.

A Certified Public Accountant, a Chartered Accountant and Certified Management Accountant, Mr. Palmer is an Honours graduate of Wilfred Laurier University with a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Andrew Pyne, MBA
Vice President Mining

With an extensive career in mining that spans more than two decades, Andrew Pyne is a recognised strategic business leader. As Vice President of Mining and a member of the executive management team, Mr. Pyne is responsible for the growth of GEOVIA’s Mining business. He oversees the global operations and sales for all regional business units, product units and the global services team with a goal of transforming the way the mining industry works today in its application of technology.

Prior to his current appointment, Mr. Pyne was the Senior Vice President of GEOVIA’s AustralAsia Business Unit where he leveraged his international experience and entrepreneurial expertise to drive business growth by opening up new market opportunities in one of the most geographically and culturally diverse areas of the world. Mr. Pyne spent nine years with Surpac Minex Group’s management team (Surpac Minex Group was acquired by Gemcom Software in 2006), where he was a member of the Executive Operating Committee and the General Manager of the company’s Asia Pacific operations. Early in his career, Mr. Pyne gained international experience with corporate reporting, account management and marketing roles with Dun & Bradstreet in both their Hong Kong and Australian operations.

Mr Pyne has an MBA from the University of Western Australia with a specialisation in International Management and a Bachelor of Commerce from Edith Cowan University.

Robert W. Selzler, BA
Vice President Marketing

A veteran solutions marketing executive with an exceptional track record, Robert Selzler brings over 30 years of high-tech industry experience to the management team at GEOVIA. With dual marketing leadership roles, Mr. Selzler is responsible for both the global marketing of the GEOVIA brand of products and services and the Natural Resources industry solutions marketing for Dassault Systèmes. Working closely with global sales, product management and corporate and regional marketing teams, Mr. Selzler develops marketing strategies and go-to-market initiatives to launch dozens of products each year. He oversees product marketing, campaign development, demand creation, advertising, public relations, customer reference program and branding. Under his leadership, marketing has become a competitive differentiator for GEOVIA.

Prior to joining GEOVIA, Mr. Selzler spent 23 years in Silicon Valley and was Vice President of Marketing with Mediabolic, InnoMedia, Kenwood and Zen Research. For more than nine years, Mr. Selzler held senior marketing management positions with Apple, where he led a global team responsible for the worldwide technology evangelism of its software.  He was also instrumental in helping Apple launch into the engineering and scientific markets and was AEC Industry Marketing Manager. Earlier in his career, Mr. Selzler held several positions with mining and engineering companies and with companies supplying related technology, including four years as a Product Manager with GE Calma, where he managed a line of 3D mapping and digital terrain modelling software.

Mr. Selzler holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Calgary.

John Vandermay, BSc
Vice President Product Development

John Vandermay brings more than 25 years of software development and engineering excellence to the management team at Dassault Systemes GEOVIA. As the Vice President of Product Development, Mr. Vandermay oversees the research and development of a rapidly expanding product portfolio while building and leading the global product development teams in Canada, Australia and India.

Prior to joining GEOVIA, Mr. Vandermay was the Vice President of BlackBerry Enterprise Server Software at BlackBerry Limited, formerly Research In Motion (RIM), where he led a team of 400 software developers and testers responsible for BlackBerry Enterprise Server and Development Services for numerous RIM products. Mr. Vandermay has also served as the Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Fusion-io Inc., Vice President of Worldwide Engineering at Omniture (now a business unit within Adobe Systems) and Vice President of Platform Development at Cognos (now IBM).

Mr. Vandermay holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Wilfrid Laurier University.


Tony Diering, Ph.D.
Vice President Caving Business Unit

Tony Diering has been involved in the development of mining applications since joining GEOVIA in 1988, and brings more than 30 years of mining engineering experience to the Management team. The pioneer behind GEOVIA’s innovative block-caving PCBC and sub-level caving PCSLC software, Dr. Diering also played a central role in setting up operations in South Africa. As Vice President of the Caving Business Unit, Dr. Diering oversees the development, marketing, training and consulting for PCBC and PCSLC.

Dr. Diering began his career at SRK in Johannesburg, where he developed a number of stress analysis systems including two and three dimensional boundary and finite element analysis systems. At SRK, he was largely responsible for the development and initial marketing of DMIPS, a computerized mine planning system. Throughout his long-standing tenure with GEOVIA, Dr. Diering has held several positions including Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Advanced Technologies. In 2005, Dr. Diering was appointed Adjunct Professor by the University of British Columbia’s Mining Engineering Department, one of the top mining schools in North America.

Dr. Diering graduated with a Bachelors in Applied Mathematics and Geophysics and a Masters in Mining Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand. He earned his Doctorate degree in Mining Rock Mechanics from the University of Pretoria.


Alan Carmichael, BSc
Regional Vice President Europe, Middle East and North Africa

An expert in computer applications and geology, Alan Carmichael’s experience in the mining industry spans 20 years. He has been with the Company since 2002 when he first joined Surpac Minex Group, which was acquired in 2006 by Gemcom Software (now GEOVIA). As Regional Vice President, Mr. Carmichael is responsible for developing strategic initiatives to expand business growth as the leader in mining software and services across Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Mr. Carmichael has a depth of mining expertise and is experienced in the planning and management of drilling programs, geological mapping and structural interpretation, and is accomplished with computer-based 3D geological models and the preparation of reserves and resource statements. Prior to joining GEOVIA, Mr. Carmichael spent eight years as a Senior Geologist with the firms Harworth Mining Consultants and International Mining Consultants.

Mr. Carmichael holds a Bachelors of Science (Honours) degree in Geology from Leicester University and is currently studying for his Masters of Business Administration from The Open University. In addition, he is a Member of the Institute of Directors and a Fellow of the Geological Society of London.

Ben Farquharson, MBA
Regional Vice President Australia

Ben Farquharson brings over 15 years of sales leadership, account management and business management experience in high-tech multi national organisations to the management team at GEOVIA. As Vice President of Australia, Mr. Farquharson is responsible for growing the business across Australia and for further developing the company as the mining technology leader. Mr. Farquharson was previously the Director of the GEOVIA Stratified Mining Business Unit, where he oversaw the growth of the company’s Minex software and services business, aimed at transforming how businesses interpret and mine their stratified deposits.

Prior to joining GEOVIA, Mr. Farquharson worked in senior sales executive and management roles for companies including Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications company, where he worked extensively with large enterprise customers, predominantly in the mining and oil and gas verticals.

Mr. Farquharson holds a Bachelor of Arts from Edith Cowan University and an MBA from the University of Western Australia.

Iain McLean, MBA, C.Eng, MIMMM, B.Sc (Eng), BA.
Regional Vice President Americas

A seasoned sales and operations professional, Iain McLean has spent the majority of his 30-year career in both the mining and technology industries. Mr. McLean joined GEOVIA in 2010 to lead the North American-based sales team with strategic sales initiatives, planning, development and support. As Vice President of Americas, Mr. McLean oversees sales, business development  and all consulting and support services throughout North, Central and South America.

Prior to joining GEOVIA, Mr. McLean was the COO for Vertical Wind Energy, a renewable energy start-up company. He previously led Senergy Econnect Technologies, a renewable energy consulting firm and was the President of Municipal Software Corporation. In addition to his tenure as COO of Sonigistix, Mr. McLean was the Vice President of Operations with Canada’s Ballard Power Systems. He currently sits on the Board of Platinum Group Metals, a TSX listed Company.

Mr. McLean holds a Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering from the Imperial College of Science, a Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology from the University of Leicester and a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

David Osborn, MBA
Managing Director Africa

With over 15 years’ experience in the mining technology industry, David Osborn excels at understanding and providing solutions that address industry needs. As Managing Director, Mr. Osborn is responsible for driving growth in the emerging African market. His knowledge and experience has resulted in the expansion of mining software use throughout the continent. Mr. Osborn was a key contributor to the opening of a regional office in Ghana, which supports customers in West Africa.

Mr. Osborn began his career in sales and marketing at Digital Mining Services. He later established Surpac Minex Africa, where he served as Regional Manager, responsible for all sales, maintenance and services to clients in the region. Upon the acquisition of Surpac by Gemcom (now GEOVIA), Mr. Osborn became a Sales Director and assisted with their India Sales Operations.

Mr. Osborn graduated with honours from the University of Natal and received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Geology. He has a Master of Business of Administration from the Gordon Institute of Business Science at the University of Pretoria.

Olga Stagurova, Ph.D.
General Director Russia

An established Business Development Manager, Olga Stagurova’s mining experience spans nearly 18 years. In 2007, she opened Gemcom Russia (now GEOVIA). As General Director, Dr. Stagurova oversees the strategic business growth of software sales and implementation throughout Russia. She has worked with GEOVIA for nearly a decade, after beginning her tenure as a contractor for software and training consulting projects.

Dr. Stagurova began her career as a contractor with Belgorkhimprom, a Geomechanics, Science and Research Institute, where she was responsible for the geomechanical calculation of underground structure stability in large underground deposits. From there, she became the Business Development Manager with VIST Group, the distributor of Gemcom software throughout Russia.

Dr. Stagurova has a Master in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics from the Belarussian State University and a PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences with a specialisation in Geomechanics from the Moscow State University of Lomonosov.

Simon Waghorn
Regional Vice President Asia

Simon Waghorn joined GEOVIA (formerly Gemcom Software) in 2010 to oversee operations in Asia and is responsible for attaining sustained growth of GEOVIA’s business from the southern border of Russia to the northern border of Australia. Mr Waghorn provides unique insight and a clear understanding of how software solutions can deliver business and operational level improvements for mining companies. Mr. Waghorn’s customer driven approach has resulted in rapid growth throughout the Asia business unit.

Over Mr Waghorn’s 25 year career, he has worked for many global organisations including Ford Motor Company, Siemens AG, ERG and Lucas Varity. Mr Waghorn’s career has spanned all aspects of the software business enabling him to engage clients and drive business growth from a position of true customer benefit and satisfaction.

Mr. Waghorn  holds a Master of Engineering degree from Loughborough University of Technology in the United Kingdom.