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What's New: GEOVIA MineSched 8.0

Download MineSched 8.0 What's New Datasheet

Performance Improvements

Production scheduling is up to 20 times faster while development scheduling is 10 times faster, making most scheduling runs almost instantaneous.

Major Enhancements to Activities

  • Activities are now created in an intuitive 2D canvas. A toolbar of typical mining activities is provided for the user to quickly add to the scenario using drag and drop operations.
  • Activities now appear earlier in the scheduling workflow, allowing the user to support previously unsupported cases such as a “drilling only” schedule.
  • Activities also appear as properties of each location, allowing for graphical selection and for multiple properties to be set at the same time.

MineSched Interactive Viewer

A new option has been added allowing users to save all scheduling results in one file. These files can be viewed in a standalone application called the MineSched Interactive Viewer that includes all the MineSched animation canvas features.

Better Scheduling Around Development Intersections

New features added enable more rules to be adhered to during development scheduling around heading intersections. These allow MineSched to schedule past the intersection point at a user-specified distance before starting a child branch. A distance rule is also available for the child branch as well as time delays on each branch. With these, MineSched provides the ability to stop the schedule and model the time required to install services lines (e.g. air and water pipes) before continuing development on each branch. This leads to more correct estimation of stope opening dates and provides the time required for development crews to safely develop heading intersections.

Automatic Precedence Creation

  • Create multiple Precedences automatically in one pass using wildcards. This allows for primary to secondary stope Precedences, as well as cross cut to stope Precedences, to be created much faster.
  • Named wildcards are used for automatic Precendence creation. Portions of location names following two naming conventions can be matched. This lowers the amount of overhead needed to create Precedences.

Multiple Levels of Priority

  • All priorities are now set in the precedence tab. Multiple priority columns can be added to the priority grids, making scheduling for large operations faster and easier to manage. 
  • Users can set priorities using wildcards or change them using events in the Priority Changes data grid.
  • Similar to Production Locations, users can set development priorities in an Initial and Priority Changes data grid for Development.

For a complete list of new features, enhancements and fixes, see the Release Notes on, or contact your local GEOVIA sales office.